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How does it work?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have asked yourself, "If anything happened to me, who would know where I am?" The Guardian is an app that allows users to 'check in' with our guardians and notify them if you may be in danger. If you feel like you are not in a safe situation, our guardians will check on you every 15 minutes and will alert authorities if needed. 


App Arrival Check In

Open the app and enter your exact address of where you are, the name of the person you are meeting, their phone number (if known), their vehicle information (make, model, color, and plate), and a note about the situation. 


15 Minute Check Ins

Once your data is submitted, a 15 minute timer starts. We will send you a push notification at around 12 minutes reminding you to check in again. Let us know you are safe. When you check in, the 15 minute timer restarts. 


We Check On You

If you do not check in with us within any of the 15 minute intervals, we will check on you. When we call, just let us know that you are ok and provide the safe word. If you do not answer, we will contact authorities and provide information. 


The "Panic" Button

At any time you don't feel safe, you can press the 'panic' button at which time we would immediately call you and check on you. We will call 911 for you and provide all of the necessary information if needed. 

The Guardian App

Here are situations where you may need the Guardian:  

• A real estate agent alone at a showing • A visiting nurse going to a client • A physical therapist going to a house • A psychologist seeing patients alone • A social worker with a client • A person on a first date • An attorney meeting a client • A tutor going to a house • And so many more situations! 

Feel safe everywhere you go.

Maximum Security are the eyes and ears over our app. They do all of the monitoring and make any calls when necessary through their 24 hour dispatch center. Security is everyone's concern, but it is our business. Download our app to enhance your security today!

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The Guardian is ready. Are you?

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